Issue #229

Juan Andres Muñoz has been a superfan in the last few months. He gave me significant input to our Vorwerk products, shared my content and was involved in relevant discussions. As a thank you, he will get six months free access to Better Human.

Accelerating User Research: How We Structure Insights for Speed At Spotify

For many years, insights was seen as peripheral to product development because of the perception that user research had low validity. I spent the first part of my career advocating for why teams should systematically listen to the people using their products, why anyone should trust qualitative insight to guide their decisions, and why research is a field of practice that requires specialized skills.

How redefining ‘normal’ can alter human behavior

Can we make people change their habits simply by convincing them it’s what others are doing? Marketers do just that, these Stanford researchers say, using “dynamic norm messaging.”

The 100 must read books of 2020

The fiction, nonfiction and poetry that deepened our understanding, ignited our curiosity and helped us escape.

Prioritization: Choosing Is The Hardest Part

How can we ensure that we are saying yes to the right things, and conjointly, saying no to the wrong things? While the stakes aren’t likely as high as plane crashes, it can often mean the difference between a successful product launch, feature adoption, or even the health of our business.

When nothing is normal: Managing in extreme uncertainty

In this uniquely severe global crisis, leaders need new operating models to respond quickly to the rapidly shifting environment and sustain their organizations through the trials ahead.

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