Issue #238

Simple tips to boost your productivity x10

These easy-to-follow tips will improve your output dramatically. The title is somewhat dramatic, but the list is good.

How to train your brain to be more present

This temptation to multitask has only gotten worse in the work-from-home era. But there are ways to fight it.

Thinking tools to add to your metacognitive toolbox

Developing metacognitive skills is essential to being productive while taking care of your mental health. While some tools such as journaling or the Eisenhower matrix are already well known, there are other tools borrowed from the world of education. Here are five thinking tools you can add to your metacognitive toolbox.

Validation is a mirage

Spend enough time talking with entrepreneurs, product people, designers, and anyone charged with proving something, and you’ll bump into questions about validation.

Warning signs to identify a toxic work environment before taking a job

While there are a number of reasons that contribute towards job dissatisfaction, a toxic work environment can have a significant impact on an employee’s performance, not to mention their physical and mental health.

What happened on Better Human

How I type and listen faster and why it matters

Improving these core skills will save you time and can make you more productive.

How I try to be kinder and more grateful in 2021

An experiment on shared gratitude.

My preferred apps 2020

These apps made my life simpler in 2020.

How I try to keep my Zen

These methods served me well to stay mindful, calm and relaxed.