Issue #228

Personal values: how knowing yourself can guide your actions

Ask anyone their opinion on one of the many political and ethical divides of the moment, and you will receive a strong opinion as to what “ought” to be. While people tend to appeal to logic to justify their stance, many of these positions are actually guided by their personal values. Our values are our preferences concerning what we consider appropriate courses of actions. They strongly influence our decisions, and yet, very few take the time to wonder: what are my personal values? is an ongoing reference database of dimensioned drawings documenting the standard measurements and sizes of the everyday objects and spaces that make up our world. Created as a universal resource to better communicate the basic properties, systems, and logics of our built environment, is a free platform for increasing public and professional knowledge of life and design.

To Mend a Broken Internet, Create Online Parks

We need public spaces, built in the spirit of Walt Whitman, that allow us to gather, communicate, and share in something bigger than ourselves.

The power of unfinished 

How to get more done, uplevel your craft, and create work that gets noticed.

No Time for Self-Care? Try These 31 Snack-Size Habits

Doing something small every day has a cumulative effect on your resilience. 

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