Issue #235

Tobi Lütke

Welcome to the third interview on 'The Observer Effect'. We are lucky to have one of the most interesting founders in technology and commerce - Tobi Lütke, Founder and CEO of Shopify. This interview was published on December 16th, 2020. Tobi is one of the most thoughtful and first principles oriented founders I've met and this was a fascinating conversation.

Building a Peace Narrative

An edited transcript of the 2019 Cobb Peace Lecture. The word narrative is bandied about a lot today, so that it's almost become a cliché. But cliches are born from insight. In this case, it is about the power of the stories that we tell about ourselves, each other, and the world to cohere us in a common purpose.

A comprehensive survey of Product Management 

Today, I’m sharing findings from a survey I’ve been running over the past month, with nearly 1,000 responses from over 600 companies.

timestrip - goal oriented planner

Big goals require a good plan, consisting of small, measurable and clear objectives. Now Timestripe helps you climb to your dreams! Introducing the Timestripe Climbs: smart educational programs for all kinds of goals. Fitness and health, finance and career, relationships and awareness.

Navigating the awkward: A framework for design conversations

We’ve all been there. A client or coworker shows us this amazing thing they (and maybe their entire team) have worked on for hours or weeks. They are so proud of it. It’s new or maybe it just looks new. They may or may not ask you what you think—but you’re there to experience it. And your brain quietly screams.

How “product therapy” made our team happier and more effective

It was 2019, and the product team at Duolingo was killing it. User engagement and revenue were both growing fast, we’d just launched some of our most impactful experiments ever, and a couple of big new bets were starting to show signs of product-market fit. Everywhere we looked, we saw the signs that our hard work was paying off.

What happened on Better Human

My preferred apps 2020

These apps made my life simpler in 2020.

How I try to keep my Zen

These methods served me well to stay mindful, calm and relaxed.

Put the fire with the rest of the fire

Choose your battles wisely, acknowledge when you know things are broken, but you decide not to fix them.

Giving feedback is easy, receiving feedback is hard

My thoughts and experience on why receiving feedback is demanding and how you can become better at it. 

Why do humans not provide a manual?

And why they absolutely should.