Issue #234

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Why Life Can’t Be Simpler

We’d all like life to be simpler. But we also don’t want to sacrifice our options and capabilities. Tesler’s law of the conservation of complexity, a rule from design, explains why we can’t have both. Here’s how the law can help us create better products and services by rethinking simplicity.

Selective ignorance: Cultivating intentional knowledge in a chaotic world.

Have you ever found yourself aimlessly scrolling online, then feeling guilty about the wasted time? Twelve years ago, the Webster’s New World Dictionary—which is the official dictionary used by the Associated Press and many leading newspapers such as the New York Times—selected “selective ignorance” as a candidate for the word of the year. (it lost to “overshare”)

This is how to change someone’s mind: six secrets from research

If you could only tie that special someone to a chair and force them to listen. Or make them read that one thing that would finally change their stubborn mind. They’d finally see the light… But that’s never going to happen. And even if that whole “it’s illegal to kidnap and restrain people” part wasn’t an issue, truth is, it wouldn’t work. There are no guarantees when it comes to changing people’s minds. So what does work most often?

Listory: The world's first content refinery

Listory is a content refinery that narrows down your content to the most meaningful stories, specifically for you. Use Listory to share and organize your favorite stories.

Behavioral scientist’s notable books of 2020

In the “before times,” most of us weren’t used to wearing a mask and certainly hadn’t sewn one. We didn’t imbibe over Zoom or plan tele-weddings. We didn’t encourage family and friends to stay away because we loved them. And we certainly hadn’t memorized an album’s worth of songs to wash our hands to. Over the past year, our understanding of ourselves, others, and the world has been stretched and pulled. These fresh boundaries are reflected in the books we’ve selected for this list. 

A different take on Santa, or Satan became Santa…

What happened on Better Human

How I try to keep my Zen

These methods served me well to stay mindful, calm and relaxed.

Put the fire with the rest of the fire

Choose your battles wisely, acknowledge when you know things are broken, but you decide not to fix them.

Giving feedback is easy, receiving feedback is hard

My thoughts and experience on why receiving feedback is demanding and how you can become better at it. 

Why do humans not provide a manual?

And why they absolutely should.

Why we should talk less and listen more

My thoughts on why people don‘t listen.

Daily pages

An easy way to build new healthy habits and to train self-reflection.