Issue #266

Building a latticework of mental models with ModelThinkers

Many websites provide lists of mental models. However, reading a list of mental models does not help in applying these concepts in real-world situations. In contrast, ModelThinkers provides a tool to build a latticework of mental models, an approach developed and championed by famous investor Charles Munger. Arun and Shai are striving to empower ModelThinkers users to apply mental models in a dynamic and connected framework.

How to take critical feedback

Critical feedback can be a helpful tool for professional development, but it’s easy to get defensive when it’s delivered. In order to get the most out of that feedback, recipients need to assess how useful that feedback is, and then develop a strategy for acting on it.

How to remember what you read

It happens all the time. You read an amazing book, one so packed with wisdom that you think it’s going to change your life forever. Then…it doesn’t. Why? Because when you’re finally in a situation where you could use its insights, you’ve completely forgotten them. Time is our most valuable resource, so we shouldn’t waste it. The investment we make in reading should have a positive, lasting impact on our lives.

Do we still need math?

We spend much of our early years learning arithmetic and algebra. What's the use?

AI movie posters

Each of these images was generated by AI based on a brief text description of a movie. Can you guess the movie from the image?

Go deeper on Better Human.

Keeping track of human interactions

My system on how I keep track with whom I meet and what we talked about.

I prefer to read the weekly news

The new system I adopted gave me more time and peace of mind.


A short overview of my preferred self-reflection framework.

Strategies that helped me to procrastinate less

If you struggle with procrastination, I might help you improve your current situation.

How to keep your digital self safe

A short and actionable guide on how to stay safe online.

Ask me anything

I would love to write about topics you all are interested in. If there is a topic you would love to see covered, you can add it to the thread on Better Human.


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