Issue #236

I am grateful that you are investing your time into Better Human. I wish you all a kind 2021. I will put in a lot of my energy to share stories with you that matter to me.

A long big virtual hug, Niklaus

Returning to the office in 2021 will introduce a tricky new power dynamic

Let’s be honest. One of the reasons employees went into the office before the coronavirus pandemic was because working from home was so crap. It had its benefits, to be sure, but it came with significant downsides.

How to prepare your soul for leadership in 2021

There will be hundreds of posts readily available this month to help you set new leadership targets for 2021. Today, I want to ask you a very different leadership question: “Is my soul in a better place today than it was a year ago?”

100 tips for a better life

The other day I made an advice thread based on Jacobian’s from last year! If you know a source for one of these, shout and I’ll edit it in. 

Kris Cordle: Releasing the Ego

For over a decade, Kris Cordle worked directly with the CEOs at Yahoo, Twitter, and Slack. She joined Twitter and Slack early and helped them scale into public companies. Most recently she was Chief of Staff at Slack but left to launch Devenu Collaborations, a firm dedicated to helping rapid-growth CEOs scale. In this episode, Kris and Shane discuss life in a religious cult, automatic rules for success, lessons in decision making and scaling, why it’s particularly hard for founders to scale, the common patterns to success, and much more. It’s time to Listen and Learn.

The life in The Simpsons is no longer attainable

The most famous dysfunctional family of 1990s television enjoyed, by today’s standards, an almost dreamily secure existence.

What happened on Better Human

My preferred apps 2020

These apps made my life simpler in 2020.

How I try to keep my Zen

These methods served me well to stay mindful, calm and relaxed.

Put the fire with the rest of the fire

Choose your battles wisely, acknowledge when you know things are broken, but you decide not to fix them.

Giving feedback is easy, receiving feedback is hard

My thoughts and experience on why receiving feedback is demanding and how you can become better at it. 

Why do humans not provide a manual?

And why they absolutely should.