Issue #239

Creating habits: how long does it take to form a habit?

A popular misconception which persists since the 1960s is that it takes about 21 days to change an existing habit or adopt a new habit. This magic number is used everywhere from advice columns to self-help books about creating habits. However, this is a myth. Where does it come from, and how long does it actually take?

Mental frameworks exceptional people use every day

The highest-performers don't use "tricks" or "hacks" to achieve greatness. They use mental frameworks that fundamentally change the way they see the world.

The creative process in 43 Hayao Miyazaki

You can feel the creative struggle.

timestripe, goal-oriented planner

I fell in love with this app. It took me a good two weeks to get it, but it is a really smart way to plan your goals. 🎨

Convince an AI that you're the best artist.

What happened on Better Human

My thoughts on reducing distraction

How some small changes on your devices can help you reclaim time.

How I type and listen faster and why it matters

Improving these core skills will save you time and can make you more productive.

How I try to be kinder and more grateful in 2021

An experiment on shared gratitude.

My preferred apps 2020

These apps made my life simpler in 2020.