Issue #271

Deep work in practice

February 18, 2020 Cal Newport argues in his book Deep Work that this skill is increasingly rare and valuable. Those who master it will thrive. I've been trying to practice working deeply for a while now. When I first read the book, I missed some personal accounts from people who adopted deep work.

Too many meetings will (slowly) kill you

Both images above were my calendar screenshot between October 2020 and October 2021, showing around 16-30ish meetings per week, in average 3-5 meetings per day. It's surprising to see the number compared to the WFO period, where most meetings ranged between 1-3 per day, and the rest was uninterrupted crafting time.

3 Ways to Teach Yourself to Wait

There are a few tricks impatient people can learn to relax.

12 Questions About Hybrid Work, Answered

Advice on inclusivity, onboarding, performance measurement, and more.

The big idea: should we work less?

A shorter working week could benefit society, the environment - even the economy. Is it time to reassess our relationship with our jobs?

Go deeper on Better Human.

Keeping track of human interactions

My system on how I keep track with whom I meet and what we talked about.

I prefer to read the weekly news

The new system I adopted gave me more time and peace of mind.


A short overview of my preferred self-reflection framework.

Strategies that helped me to procrastinate less

If you struggle with procrastination, I might help you improve your current situation.

How to keep your digital self safe

A short and actionable guide on how to stay safe online.

Ask me anything

I would love to write about topics you all are interested in. If there is a topic you would love to see covered, you can add it to the thread on Better Human.


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