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Good afternoon

I am starting a new project. I want to share my life long learning journey in becoming a better leader, boss, human, husband and friend. My mission is to share strategies, methods, tools and my learning that help us live happier, healthier, more fulfilled lives.

My goal is to deliver high-value content in 700 words or less, so the ideas and concept are easily digestible, and you can start your learning journey one bite at a time.

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OKRs That Don't Suck

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) are awesome! So why do they work so badly for some companies? Why do they often end up as another stick to beat teams with?

The brain rhythms that detach us from reality

The rhythmic activity of a single layer of neurons has now been shown to cause dissociation — an experience involving a feeling of disconnection from the surrounding world.

Aim For What’s Reasonable: Leadership Lessons From Director Jean Renoir

Directing a film involves getting an enormous group of people to work together on turning the image inside your head into a reality. In this 1970 interview, director Jean Renoir dispenses time-tested wisdom for leaders everywhere on humility, accountability, goal-setting, and more.

4 Habits That Will Train Your Brain to Stop Worrying

When you stop focusing on your worries, you can focus on all that is good in your life.

What are the Limits of Building Better Habits?

My first set of articles I wrote that got my blog some attention were a series called Habitual Mastery. At the time I had spent a couple years extensively working on my habits through thirty-day trials. The series was an attempt to condense my observations into usable advice.