MEMO - Issue #221


Shreyas Doshi on Twitter: "A thread of my most popular threads:"

The amount of good knowledge in these threads is just amazing. I highly recommend that you go down that rabbit hole.

Ideas Don’t Matter. What I Understand After 20 Years Of Innovation

Ideas are only as good as the path they set you on, and the distance you will travel on this path is only as long as your ability to define problems, understand technology and execute.

UX Core

The tool consists of 105 hands-on examples of cognitive biases use in software development for better user experience (UX). Definitely one for your bookmarks.

This Simple Exercise Will Help You Stop Worrying in 5 Minutes or Less, According to a Mental Health Ph.D.

Planning is great but worrying gets you nowhere. Here’s how to stop.

Two Large-Scale Holacracy Experiments: vs.

Both & are online retailers. Around 2015, each launched transformation journeys inspired by Holacracy. While they share similarities, the journeys were quite different. What do these pioneers teach us, five years down the road?

Do you want to become a better Human?

My new project is starting officially in October 2020. I want to share my life long learning journey in becoming a better leader, boss, human, husband and friend. My mission is to share strategies, methods, tools and my learning that help us live happier, healthier, more fulfilled lives.

My goal is to deliver high-value content in 500 words or less, so the ideas and concept are easily digestible, and you can start your learning journey one bite at a time.

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