Issue #249

In defence of doing nothing 

The cultural impetus to hustle is built on decades-old political language. Why not try idleness instead?

Growth as a mindset

Twelve principles used to grow Facebook marketplace that every product can use.

How to read faster and better

So much to read, so little time. It's no wonder people have come up with all kinds of tricks to read better and faster. But there's lots of snake oil and very little evidence-based techniques. So what can you do to actually become a better reader?

Personal leverage: How to truly 10x your productivity

Define, Refine, Automate, Delegate.

Go deeper on Better Human.

Strategies that helped me to procrastinate less

If you struggle with procrastination, I might help you improve your current situation.

How to keep your digital self safe

A short and actionable guide on how to stay safe online.

Fear setting

Understanding your fear helps you make difficult choices, which can lead to happiness and peace.


Another idea if meditation does not work for you.

My thoughts on reducing distraction

How some small changes on your devices can help you reclaim time.

Ask me anything

I would love to write about topics you all are interested in. If there is a topic you would love to see covered, you can add it to the thread on Better Human.