Issue #245

How to get a dysfunctional team back on track

Maybe you’ve been part of a team that you’ve seen slowly slide into a rut. You didn’t notice it happen, but you’re now not shipping anything, no one’s talking to each other, and the management’s Eye of Sauron has cast its gaze upon you.

Intelligent models for smarter decision-making

Organizations are looking to artificial intelligence to bolster how they do simulations, leading to faster innovation and ultimately better products. 

A simple trick to think better (focused vs diffused modes of thinking)

Your brain has two modes of thinking. Learn how to alternate between focused mode and diffused mode of thinking in order to think better!

Kids read more when you turn on subtitles

Turning on the subtitles while children are watching television can double the chances of a child becoming good at reading. It’s so brilliantly simple and can help children’s literacy so much that we want to shout it from the rooftops! There’s extensive global research that shows just how effective this is and with the help of our wonderful partners – including charities, companies and famous ambassadors – it’s our mission to share the results in this simple message.

100 (Short) Rules for a Better Life

In his essay On the Happy Life, Seneca makes an extended list of rules for living a good life. Because it is everyone’s wish to live better, he says, but we are often in the dark on how to do so. Except, we’re not…since so many people have struggled in the dark before us and their experiences create light. With that in mind, here are 100 rules that have helped me live better based on my own experience, the advice I’ve been given and the things I’ve studied. Your mileage may vary, but hopefully, some of these will help you in your own pursuit of living a good life.

What happened on Better Human

Fear setting

Understanding your fear helps you make difficult choices, which can lead to happiness and peace.


Another idea if meditation does not work for you.

My thoughts on reducing distraction

How some small changes on your devices can help you reclaim time.

How I type and listen faster and why it matters

Improving these core skills will save you time and can make you more productive.