Issue #254

The joys of being an absolute beginner – for life

The phrase “adult beginner” can sound patronising. It implies you are learning something you should have mastered as a child. But learning is not just for the young.

Play at work

How they invent things and stories. How they jump into roles and, just as quickly, change roles again. How they interact and react to each other’s ideas and the twists and turns of their play. Let’s cook something! Oh, we are knights now! Can you see our horses? Aha, the wizard arrives in his spaceship! Where is his magic wand? And all of a sudden, an ordinary wooden stick turns into a magic tool. Problem solved! They can play like this for hours, inventing the most amazing, wondrous, and, in the eyes of us adults, silly and absurdly illogical things.

Why it's useless to wonder about the life you never had

The truth is that we'll never know where our unled lives could've led us and the people we could've become — and that's probably for the best.

Drive and listen

Listen to local radio stations while driving through the cities around the world.

On using to-do lists efficiently

My happiness results from keeping a sane balance between achievements and what Jim Carrey calls "freedom of concern"1. I like to work and I love to daydream. As much as daydreaming is about wandering, work and personal achievements are about focusing, which in turn requires motivation, clarity of purpose and control, all of them sustained by discipline.

Go deeper on Better Human.

Strategies that helped me to procrastinate less

If you struggle with procrastination, I might help you improve your current situation.

How to keep your digital self safe

A short and actionable guide on how to stay safe online.

Fear setting

Understanding your fear helps you make difficult choices, which can lead to happiness and peace.


Another idea if meditation does not work for you.

My thoughts on reducing distraction

How some small changes on your devices can help you reclaim time.

Ask me anything

I would love to write about topics you all are interested in. If there is a topic you would love to see covered, you can add it to the thread on Better Human.