Issue #256

Tools for systems thinkers: The six fundamental concepts of systems thinking

In this series on systems thinking, I share the key insights and tools needed to develop and advance a systems mindset for dealing with complex problem solving and transitioning to the Circular Economy.

Stop trying to raise successful kids

And start raising kind ones.

What is your happiness score?

How do you rediscover a happier, more purpose-driven (and less productivity-obsessed) self in the wake of the pandemic? Quiz yourself alongside work futurist Dominic Price as he lays out a simple yet insightful four-part guide to assessing your life in ways that can help you reconnect with what's really important.


We would not have been able to survive so long if we were not able, at points, to get very worried indeed; if we didn’t possess a native genius for flooding our minds, at astonishing speed, with a cocktail of the most intense and panicky hormones our bodies can secrete.

The seven sins of memory

“Our memory is a more perfect world than the universe: it gives back life to those who no longer exist,” once said French author Guy de Maupassant. Whether it’s short-term memory allowing us to perform simple calculations on the fly, long-term memory which can store larger quantities of information, sometimes for a whole life span, or sensory memory which lets us retain impressions of sensory information after the original stimulus has ceased — our memory is a vital part of what makes us human.


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Go deeper on Better Human.


A short overview of my prefered self-reflection framework.

Strategies that helped me to procrastinate less

If you struggle with procrastination, I might help you improve your current situation.

How to keep your digital self safe

A short and actionable guide on how to stay safe online.

Fear setting

Understanding your fear helps you make difficult choices, which can lead to happiness and peace.


Another idea if meditation does not work for you.

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